Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A day in the life of my phone sock.

I woke at 9:30 when the phone on top of me started to vibrate (vvvvt vvvvt) and make other annoying noises.

I looked upon the sock draw with sadness, remembering the time i tried to go in there and all the regular foot socks picked on me and said i wasn't a real sock. I'll show them! When I finally get thongs monitory they'll more out of fashion than Aqua. However this plan has taken a hit with the liberals election loss as my friend, John Howard's phone sock has less power. Not to worry, it will happen.

The day looks to be picking up from there as I go to work protecting the phone. Nothing really exciting at first, the phone just gets thrown in this guys backpack. It's so boring in here and the phone barely talks at all. Lunch time, and he checks his phone. And again. And again. On, off, on, off, what's this guys issue? Is he that insecure that he need to check his phone every five seconds to see if he has a friend? Then it happens. VVVVVVT! My whole world shakes. I hate vibrate. He replies and this starts a string of 10 messages, and I'm starting to get a headache. Oh great, now he's playing a game and I just get tossed aside. Not to worry, I'm slowly resting the high scores on all the games while they sleep.

The day picked in the afternoon when basketball was on. I didn't get to play of cause, but the phone did get thrown on the ground so was at least keeping the phone out of the dirt.

It has been a long day. Then after protecting his phone from all that, his still puts me under the phone for the night. What the hell buddy, don't i deserve a rest at night?! The phone's just sitting there, what is going to happen to it? Anyway, that's my day. Over and out!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A night out.

I was out with friends in the city. Over all it was a good night and we all had a lot of fun. However there was a point that I looked at everything and couldn't help but think about how sad it was.

We were upstairs at a pub in the city and there was a band playing. To me there's just something sad about a cover band. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with playing some covers, but when your band's name is "Mimic", you don't seem to be aiming very high. A lot of the joy in playing music* is creating. It's expressing yourself in a really deep way that you can't with words or any other medium so, when the band is just copying what others have made, it's a bit sad that they are missing out on such a massive, and fantastic part of it.
Then there was the audience. We were clearly the youngest people there and our average age was 20. So often you hear people saying how sad it is to see drunken youth, but to me it's way more pathetic seeing thirty year old people getting smashed. Youth is the time that you test the boundary and explore the world, find yourself and your place in the world. If there's ever a time to drink to much it's then, not when your thirty. By then you're meant to be matured and responsible, I'm not saying no fun, but surely past thinking that it'll be a good idea to drinking so much that you spill your drink on everyone else on the dance floor and then fall over.
Then, as I looked over the band trying to hold on to their dreams playing to the adults trying to hold on to their youth, I noticed the saddest person in the pub. He was standing up the back alone. This fella** was clearly with a group but was not part of it as he was the only one not having a great time. All he could do was sit back and watch because*** he could not just let go and have a good time. He was to caught up in feeling superior to everyone by sitting back and judging them.

But before long we left there**** and we continued having a good night. I did see the people for that pub again. But I'm sure I will before long.

*this is of cause all just my opinion. But as this in my blog, tough luck, if you don't like it go write your own.

**I really like the word "fella". I want to use it more often.

*** this was just to have a third footnote.

****And by left I mean half the group left because one of us got thrown out for being a drunken mess and falling on people (while dancing. and not on the dance floor anymore). Then the other half left shortly after. I guess this one makes that last footnote even more pointless.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Psalm

This is the psalm that i wrote on beach mission.

I am amazed, oh Lord, at how you love me,
even when I'm down and defeated.
When I'm beyond contempt and can't even love myself,
Your love for me never wavers.

I am amazed, oh Lord, at how you love me,
so much to place me here and now.
On your earth, with so much beauty,
where I can see your majesty in every glance.

I am amazed, oh Lord, at how you love me,
this broken, battered, shallow man.
Nothing special or amazing,
yet you hold me in your heart.

I am amazed, oh Lord, at how you love me,
enough to let me know your grace.
Not just with me at my trial,
but enought to take my place.

Friday, February 8, 2008

An after lunch blog.

That's right, I just had lunch. Yum.

Subheading One : Why Audioslave Rocks.
I reasently rediscovered* Audioslave. There are two main reasons why this band is good.
Reason one: Tom Morello. They guy is just plain fantastic. He's not quite as out there in Audioslave as he was/is in Rage but he still rocks harder than most by a fair margin. And when he has the same bass and drums behind him as in Rage, it just keeps getting better and better.

Reason two: Chris Cornell.
Man can this guy really wail. But more than that, his singing has such a free flow to it but it is never out of time or place. If you haven't heard him/them, I earge you to. Today! Go to where ever it is you get your music and get some. I suggest "Your time has come", "Be yourself", or "The worm" form "out of exile" (or the rest of the CD, it's all good) and "Cochise" from their self titled album.

Subheading Two: Some other thoughts
If to dumb something down is to make it simpler, then does that mean that it you dumb something up you make it more complex?
Is it horrible inappropriate to be walking round the pool you're life guarding singing "Drown me slowly"**?

That's about all I had flowting round my head during lunch.

*by "rediscovered" I mean, I hadn't heard them in a decent while and them they pop up in my ipod's shuffle and I thought, "that's right, Audioslave are awesome!"

** also an Audioslave song. Actually this is the song that pop up on shuffle. True story.