Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let's Take The Long Way Home

Well that worked out well. I felt like blogging, as it's years. I had nothing I really wanted to say, and when that happens I usually just use whatever song is playing as the title. This title worked quite well as I went home for the first time in almost 19 weeks yesterday.
It was good to see the place again. I has seen my family since then and I went away with my parents for a week in the holidays, so it's not that bad. I got to hang out with my brother a bit which was cool. I also went out to my grandparents farm and mowed their lawn. It was fun, because they have a very ruff farm lawn and a ride on lawnmower. I had a great time taring around the place, and my brother had to go around with the push mower and get the spots I couldn't (or missed). I also got to hang with my good mate Daryl, with I was really happy about.
Also, at the murder mystery night I refused to give my middle name. (oh, went to a murder mystery night tonight. It was good fun, well done and I picked the murderer straight off. Not by any clues, but just by gut feeling). I don't know why I didn't give it. There is no reason, I don't really care, there is nothing embarrassing about it, I just chose not to. The thing is now, that I have set up that I didn't want to give it, so now I will continue to not give it (at least to those people). That's no real inconvenience or anything, there's just not reason, and I feel it would be really odd to just tell them now, after I wormed so much getting out of telling them tonight.
This, I realise is a very, very small. . . I was going to say struggle, but it's not even worth that. It's really just a thought or consideration, but it was on my mind.