Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is just a thought that has been bugging me.

For my party on Saturday (yay, I'm 21) I shaved a Mohawk. Sense then I have been wavering as to whether I should keep it or not. Every time I express to someone a desire or thought of shaving it off, they tell me not to. Telling me to keep it and not to be soft. What is annoying me is that everyone who is telling me to keep it and not to shave it just because it's outlandish, would themselves never do anything even close to this crazy with their hair.

If they want to tell me to not worry about what people think of me, maybe they should first stop worrying about it themselves.

Small thing to be worrying about I know. ( I should be worrying about exams instead)
Me with the Mohawk.
(Again, the title has nothing to do with the blog, it's just the song that I was listen to when I started (and finished) the blog.)