Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slow walkers

Sometimes I get really annoyed that people are walking so much slower that I am. Then i remember that they don't have the same angry electro pumping in their ears.
Just another reason that life needs ambient music, as there is in music. And that s should be controlled by my ipod.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ok, so this movie got even worse.
It is really really bad!
It is almost painful to watch.
Why am I doing this to myself?

This could be a twitter thing.

I am currently watching "17 again".
It is horrible. Simply an awful movie.
But the really sad part is I am not hating the young Mr Efron.
He is actually funny, and not a bad actor.
There is not really much other point to this blog. I'm just a bit bored watching this movie.
So in stead of talking, I am blogging.
That is all.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I've been doing

This is just a quick picture of what I've been up to...

Not thinking, just playing with photo booth.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Exit Order (For a Bus)

This is the issue that has been bugging me the most over the last week, and right now is the thing that I would like to change most about the world. Or at least, my world.
And I know that writing a blog to a pretend audience will not change anything, but venting written verbal style is better than nothing.

So this issue arises on the bus. I have in counted it most on the shuttle bus between campuses at uni. It all starts when the bus is popular. You can see it coming. Everyone is lined up, you are towards that back of the line, and you start to think, "We are not all going to fit on here, at least not in the seats".
It's not what you are thinking at this point. I don't mind standing up on the bus, some one has to do it and if I got there late, then it's me. That's fine.

The problem that I have comes when it is time to exit the bus. I have noticed that everyone wants off the bus, and as fast as they can. I understand this, and am desiring the same thing most of the time. What I can't stand is when the people sitting in the first half of the bus stand up straight away and push their way into the line of already standing people to get off. If you have been sitting the whole trip, you can wait an extra minute to let the people who have had to stand get off the bus first! Not only is it the polite and right thing to do, it will also mean that the whole de-bussing process will work much better overall. It's just rude and I can only imagine their thought process goes something like,
"I want to get off this bus. I MUST DO IT NOW! I don't care if anyone else wants off, I'M more important. So what if they have been standing up, struggling not to fall over the whole trip, I'M sick of being on this bus, so I'm going to get MYself off as fast as I can."

I just want to yell at them, every time it happens.

Are you still hear?

Just a quick note to say that more blogs are coming.
I have two on my mind now, so this is not an empty promise.
Till then, stay sane.

or not, whatever.