Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Baldness.

I you have seen me in the last two weeks you would have noticed that I substantially less hair. This would be because I shaved my head as part of the worlds greatest shave. That is a great cause and a fantastic reason to bald, but it is not the real reason that I did it.

I chose to shave my head one day in January when I was bored. I was just sitting around thinking that my life was very safe and static in someways. So I decided to shave my head.

Another factor that contributed to my decision was the fact that the idea of shaving my head scared the pants off me1. Mainly because, as an insecure person, my hair was one of the few things about my appearance that i could control2. Now, I know you shouldn't worry about what other people think, especially about how you look, but I do. I think everyone does and anyone that says they don't at all is lying. I'm not saying that it is my greatest concern and it didn't have a huge affect on how I dressed or anything, but it was there. So the idea of doing something as drastic as shaving my hair off obviously got me sweating.

Now on the other side of the shave. I love it. Not only does it not look anywhere near as bad as I thought it would, I feel fantastic about the whole thing. I'm feeling less self-conscious than ever. I'm finding it very liberating. This is exactly why i do things that scare me. Hopefully there will be more blogs on doing things that scare me coming soon....

1 It obviously didn't actually remove my pants, that would have be awkward. Plus I was probably wearing board shorts.

2 that is, you can't control how your face looks and you can do a small amount do alter you body type. All you can really change is your cloths and hair.3

3 How much better for footnoting are these small numbers. There comes a point that *'s are not subtle at all.